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What Kind of Spender are You?

We all like to spend money –until we spend too much of it. Before you get yourself in a bind, consider your best and worst habits.

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When it comes to saving money:

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As far as credit cards are

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When I want a certain item but
it costs more than I have:

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When I'm feeling down
in the dumps:

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If I won a million dollars in the
lottery, my first reaction would be:

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You are an Avoider.

You are a Collector.

You are a Spender.

You are a Thinker.

You are a Miser.

You put off making money decisions.

You like to see your money make money.

You enjoy spending and think little about how to pay for your purchases.

You are care about others who have less than you do, and you often feel guilty about having more than they do.

You like to save every penny. You do not enjoy spending money.

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