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Financial Compatibility Quiz
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Take this short quiz - and then have your significant other take it separately. Later, compare your answers to see how financially compatible you are (or aren't).

A word of warning: even if you and your honey are total financial opposites, you can have a happy, harmonious relationship. You'll just have to work harder at getting on the same page! (See Related Content: Money and Dating Tips).

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If my car breaks down, the roof leaks, or some other emergency happens, then:

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Right now, my retirement savings account:

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If somebody gave me $25,000 unexpectedly, my first thought would be:

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When it comes to credit card bills:

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I would describe my financial records as:

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You are a saver if you regularly set aside money, and make a point to build a cash cushion for a rainy day.

Tip: You will bring financial balance to any significant other by encouraging your partner to save. Just remember to also have fun with your money once in a while!

You are a spender if you pretty much spend everything you earn (and possibly more than you earn); are living paycheck to paycheck, or often buy frivolous or luxury items that you can't afford.

Tip: Partnering with a Saver or a Goal-setter is ideal as they can teach you to enjoy the fine things in life without living beyond your means. For starters, try declining brunch plans next time you're struggling to make rent and see how saving a few bucks a month can make a big difference.

You are a goal-setter if you only like to spend your money on items or activities that are budgeted, carefully calculated, or and/or planned in advance.

Tip: You stick to your planned budget every month and can get along with like-minded savers. Yet dating a Splurge or a Dreamer can bring about conflicts in a relationship if you don't let loose with your money once-in-a-while. Allow yourself to budget for a concert or weekend getaway every so often!

You are a dreamer if you have a lot of big dreams for material success, but no practical financial plans about how to reach your goals.

Tip: You thrive on flying by the seat of your pants but that can have negative financial repercussions in retirement. Find a love match with a Goal-setter or Saver to keep you grounded in reality.

NOTE: You may be a "hybrid," with leanings toward more than one type of money personality.

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