The Mint Grad

Today there are 333.6 million credit cards in the U.S. (CNN Money).

Welcome to the New Mint Grad

Thank you for kicking off 2017 with The Mint Grad. Since launching in 2013, The Mint Grad has produced some of the best possible financial planning content for young adults. With the goal of stripping away the often hand-to-understand information surrounding the financial space, The Mint Grad has consistently made useful financial information accessible. While you’re here, you’ll find some truly useable updates to this ever-evolving site.

You spoke and we listened

In late 2016, we sent out a survey. We asked a handful of users to lend their opinions about The Mint Grad and how to improve it. The responses were very positive, often citing functionality as a main goal for users. In addition to functionality, users expressed utilizing the hands-on tools found on site. While these tools and calculators are currently being considered, they take a bit longer to conceptualize and implement. While the insights from those who graciously filled out surveys were invaluable, it’s a time-consuming process that we have committed to exhausting. So while changes are now here, expect to see more.

Our Home Page is our Front Door

Unless you clicked directly on our Socialize section, you might have noticed our new home page. Our home page is essentially our front door. It’s your first impression of the website as you visit. We took the time to install a new ‘front door’ that is more inviting and provides you a quick look at content so users aren’t put to work trying to find applicable information. Our new home page is intended to give you an idea of what content is available upon each visit. And should you seek out the content that is just a few weeks old, you’ll be able to see that at a quick glance just by visiting the home page.

We are very happy about our new ‘front door.’ In addition to content, we have built out better navigation from the front page to help you get where you need to go. No more clicking a link to click the link you want. We are streamlining processes to give you more time to seek out the information you came here to use. Seeking out the information might be fun for some, but here at The Mint Grad, we aim to optimize your time. And speaking of optimizing…

The Mint Grad is on the Go

The most substantial update we made was optimizing The Mint Grad. From analytics to survey responses, the growing number of mobile sessions continues to grow. To best serve our visitors, The Mint Grad is now mobile optimized. What exactly does that mean? It means that while you’re on your mobile device or tablet, the pages of the site will be no longer be viewable in desktop format. Now, instead of scrolling left and right to access content, it is laid out for use vertically, utilizing collapsible accordion menus to help you navigate quickly and easy, even if you’re on the go viewing the site on your mobile device.

So go ahead, surf the site. Check out the improvements and stay tuned for further updates as the year progresses. Some will be noticeable while others will just make your experience more seamless. And if you missed out on our survey to make your voice heard, we will offer more opportunities in the near future. Enjoy The Mint Grad 2.0!