Money is the number one cause of arguments among U.S. couples (31%) followed by household chores (28%), in-laws (22%) and sex (15%) reports MoneyHabitudes.
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Top 10 Apps to Take Back to School

Whether you’re starting your first college semester or are an old pro, these handy back to school apps will make campus life a breeze when it comes to your studies, life on campus and your health & wellness. Your Studies: Study Blue: This app is loaded with tools to help you study smarter – from… Continue Reading


Going up? Ease Elevator Anxiety on National Talk in an Elevator Day July 31

Are you one of those people who find elevator conversation incredibly awkward? Do you dread the idea of finding yourself in an elevator alone with… Your boss? Your crush? A complete stranger? Thankfully, there’s a whole day dedicated to people like you. July 31 is National Talk in an Elevator Day. These vertical people movers… Continue Reading

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Unplug the AC: Tips for Staying Cool without the Expense

This time of year, summer’s hit its heat peak and some days it’s just too hot to stay outside. If you’re sitting at home with your air conditioning cranked to max, you’re not alone: According to, two-thirds of American homes have air conditioners. But that doesn’t mean you should use yours. Air conditioners amount… Continue Reading


SHARK WEEK! What Nature’s Fiercest Predators Can Teach Us about Our Finances

Annual Shark Week is almost here. July 5 – 12 is a time to celebrate and give mad props to these fierce and fascinating predators. With over 500 species of sharks in the world, there’s no shortage of mesmerizing content to captivate us through our TVs and social feeds all week long. The MintGrad has… Continue Reading


Six Facts about the Declaration of Independence that Will Blow Your Mind

On a balmy day in July, just 239 short years ago, 56 brave men solidified our nation’s sovereignty by signing and adopting the most beloved and significant document in our history: The Declaration of Independence. This historic event officially marked the legal separation of America from British rule and has become one of the most… Continue Reading