2/3 of summer travelers plan to immerse themselves into the local culture while on vacation [American Express, 2013]
back to school

Back to school

What do pizza, biking and napping have in common?… Continue Reading

credit card cutting

Mo money less problems

Few college students or recent grads have any even moderate amount of disposable income and squeezing blood from a stone is not really on the college curriculum. No fear, TheMintGrad.org has some ideas to help you make a dollar out of 50 cents. Rethink everything We tend to sign up for stuff and forget get… Continue Reading

financial services wants youjpg

They want YOU – This industry thinks you’re perfect

If you’re currently in the post-grad job application grind or about to go into your senior year of college, your employment prospects may seem a bit grim. Well, keep reading because this post may just make your day – or career. The best job you’ve probably never considered Ok – we won’t make you wait… Continue Reading

summer just do it

Just Do Something

If you have a job that’s keeping you busy, that’s awesome. However, if you don’t, the beach and couch surfing are not your only options. The luxury of summer leisure is that you can actually chill and be productive at the same time. Here are a few ideas of things you can do in between… Continue Reading

social media

Would you hire your online self?

Welcome to 2014 where “branding” is not just for products and services. Thanks to the internet, first impressions are often start online and managing your brand is a 24/7 commitment.  Being smart and strategic about your online presence is particularly critical if you’re job-hunting.  Prospective employers and recruiters are increasingly scouring Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest,… Continue Reading