71% of Millennials are confident they will achieve their financial goals (Northwestern Mutual’s 2015 Planning & Progress study)
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#MoneySmartWeek Day 7: Budgeting For Business and Pleasure

What is a budget? Why should I budget? How can budgeting help me? What happens if I break my budget? We have all the answers to your questions and more as we wrap up Money Smart Week! Try It.Continue Reading

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#MoneySmartWeek Day 6: Building Positive Credit

You’re hitting the homestretch!  On Day 6 of Money Smart Week, we invite you to think about your credit score. Building positive credit is critical to smart money strategy because a good credit score will cost you less – from finding an apartment to leasing or buying a car – credit has become one of… Continue Reading

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#MoneySmartWeek Day 4: Debt Calculator

You made it to Day 4 of Money Smart Week. There’s a famous quote from HBO’s hit show The Newsroom spoken by the news anchor played by Jeff Daniels: “The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.” This is true about debt. You could be raking in hundreds each week but… Continue Reading


#MoneySmartWeek Day 3: Budget Worksheet

It’s no coincidence that our budget worksheet is our pick for Day 3 of Money Smart Week. May starts next week and we encourage you to plan on budgeting all month long! WARNING: our cool budget worksheet might have you hailing to the mighty MintGrad gods. Try It.Continue Reading

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#MoneySmartWeek Day 2: What Kind of Spender Are You?

It’s Day 2 and you’re financial muscles are a little sore.  It’s time to find out, what kind of spender are you? In order to save, you have to be a wise spender. But in order to be a wise spender, you have to ask yourself these five questions to help you get in touch… Continue Reading