36% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have never had a credit card (CreditCards.com, 2015)
Bike infographic

Bike Lanes Aren’t Just For Show

Take a ride down memory lane to when you were about six years old and built up the guts to ask someone to teach you how to ride a bike. Was it your neighbor? Father? Mother? Brother? Did you fall or were you able to pedal your way without an accident? From there, how often… Continue Reading

wedding party

Wed-iquette 101: How to be a Gracious Guest without Breaking the Bank

April showers came and went and May flowers are blooming. Wedding season is upon us. Although it can be fun to toast to good friends with champagne and cake, it can also wreak havoc on a budget, especially if you have multiple weddings to attend in one season. With some advanced planning and a little… Continue Reading

budgeting calculator

#MoneySmartWeek Day 7: Budgeting For Business and Pleasure

What is a budget? Why should I budget? How can budgeting help me? What happens if I break my budget? We have all the answers to your questions and more as we wrap up Money Smart Week! Try It.Continue Reading

positive credit

#MoneySmartWeek Day 6: Building Positive Credit

You’re hitting the homestretch!  On Day 6 of Money Smart Week, we invite you to think about your credit score. Building positive credit is critical to smart money strategy because a good credit score will cost you less – from finding an apartment to leasing or buying a car – credit has become one of… Continue Reading

debt calculator

#MoneySmartWeek Day 4: Debt Calculator

You made it to Day 4 of Money Smart Week. There’s a famous quote from HBO’s hit show The Newsroom spoken by the news anchor played by Jeff Daniels: “The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.” This is true about debt. You could be raking in hundreds each week but… Continue Reading