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The first universal credit card was issued in 1950 by Diners Club, Inc. (CNN Money).

Take a Deep Breath – and Start Planning Now

We all know that money can be a major source of worry. But we’re here to share some good news from the latest Northwestern Mutual Planning & Progress Study and talk about what you should do about it. The study found that 72% of Americans feel financially secure, and there is growing optimism for the… Continue Reading


Welcome to the New Mint Grad

Thank you for kicking off 2017 with The Mint Grad. Since launching in 2013, The Mint Grad has produced some of the best possible financial planning content for young adults. With the goal of stripping away the often hand-to-understand information surrounding the financial space, The Mint Grad has consistently made useful financial information accessible. While… Continue Reading

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New Year, New Goals, New Potential for Financial Freedom

We did it.We made it past the election. Summer came and went and the holidays are in full swing. We managed to fill up on good deeds in our community and now, we’re on the brink of a new year. While most people are making plans to get dressed up for New Year’s Eve, be… Continue Reading

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Are Your Finances Wrecking Your Love Life? Maybe.

When’s the last time you argued with your significant other about money? Probably not that long ago. Compared to previous generations, Millennials have it a little harder. Growing up in an ever-evolving, technologically advanced world, never having to touch a landline or possibly a desktop computer, not having to make a phone call to order… Continue Reading


Kick Off this Holiday Season by Doing Some Good

Millennials have recently been called the “cause generation,” growing up around and involved in social causes. With this social consciousness comes a flurry of topics that require attention, funding and volunteerism. Regardless of ones’ feelings about the holidays, great social calling usually comes with an understanding that the holidays are not even a choice for… Continue Reading