Student loan debt is increasing by $2853.99 a second (CNN Money).

State Of Millennials

Our latest infographic took a closer look at millennials, individuals age 18-34, by looking at four important areas of their life: work, leisure, finance and future plans. The most outstanding find you may ask? 84 percent of millennials believe making a positive difference in the world is more important than professional recognition. Use our share… Continue Reading


5 businesses you can start in your dorm room today

College may be the most financially challenging years of your life, with tuition costs at an all-time high and the costs of textbooks, food, housing and entertainment pushing already tight budgets into the red. It’s not always easy to juggle a heavy credit load with a part-time job to make ends meet. So what do… Continue Reading


Glamping and Poshtels: The New Way to Travel in Style AND on a Budget

Have you developed a bad case of wanderlust lately? Maybe you’re itching to travel more because you’ve spied your friends’ pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Or perhaps the travel bug bit you after you studied abroad while in school – or dreamed of doing so. Whatever the case, travel is more affordable now than ever… Continue Reading

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Top 10 Apps to Take Back to School

Whether you’re starting your first college semester or are an old pro, these handy back to school apps will make campus life a breeze when it comes to your studies, life on campus and your health & wellness. Your Studies: Study Blue: This app is loaded with tools to help you study smarter – from… Continue Reading


Going up? Ease Elevator Anxiety on National Talk in an Elevator Day July 31

Are you one of those people who find elevator conversation incredibly awkward? Do you dread the idea of finding yourself in an elevator alone with… Your boss? Your crush? A complete stranger? Thankfully, there’s a whole day dedicated to people like you. July 31 is National Talk in an Elevator Day. These vertical people movers… Continue Reading