The average expense per person in the United States is $1,145 for summer vacation travel [American Express, 2013]
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Gift Cards: Everything You Didn’t Know

According to the National Retail Federation, 2014 marks the 8th year in a row that gift cards are the most requested gift items during the holiday season. Whether you love them or think they’re a cop-out, there are a few things you need to know if you’re on the giving or receiving end of these… Continue Reading


Trick, No Treat: The Scary Numbers Behind Identity Theft

As you put the finishing touches on your fierce Beyonce outfit or run to the local thrift shop to find the perfect Heisenberg hat to complete your Walter White get up, someone out there might be adopting an identity that’ll really scare you this Halloween season– YOURS! Scary Numbers The rise of identity theft- the… Continue Reading

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School year savings hacks – you’re welcome

Remember when the ‘rents were footing the bill for everything and the start of a new school year was time of all?           Yeah, we don’t either. The good news is that TheMintGrad’s got your back this school year.  You can buy us a latte later with all the money you… Continue Reading

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Back to school

What do pizza, biking and napping have in common?… Continue Reading

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Mo money less problems

Few college students or recent grads have any even moderate amount of disposable income and squeezing blood from a stone is not really on the college curriculum. No fear, has some ideas to help you make a dollar out of 50 cents. Rethink everything We tend to sign up for stuff and forget get… Continue Reading