10% of summer travelers will use a travel agent to plan and book their trips this summer [American Express, 2013]

Resolve to Solve

This year, resolve to solve. Focus on solutions that will improve your financial situation.… Continue Reading

Shopping ladies

New Year, New Hacks. 5 Tricks to Spend Less and Get More in 2015.

College does two very important things – prepares you for a future career and perfects your ballin on a budget skills. You’re on your own with the academics, but we’ve got your back on the ballin part just in time for National Creative Frugality Week at the end of this month. Yes, that’s really a… Continue Reading

party clock

Random NYE trivia you didn’t think to ask

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Gift Card

Unique gift card ideas that will earn you VIP status

Ok so you’re invited to a holiday party…or four… and need to bring a gift. Carrying stuff is so 2007 but gifts cards are easy breezy and cool. These unique gift card ideas will earn you instant VIP status at any soiree.… Continue Reading

Group game

Apps that bring mirth to any moment

Holidays at home with the fam could be incredible or…interesting. Have no fear. These apps will bring mirth to any moment.… Continue Reading