The Mint Grad

Travel smarts 101

pickpocket3Protect your passport – Ever had a nightmare about losing your passport while abroad? Ensure that doesn’t happen by keeping a back-up of all travel records at home or with a trusted friend or relative. Don’t forget to print and email yourself a copy of your passport – it makes replacing it on location way easier.

Bring back the money belt – Pickpocketing happens more often than you might think. Best way to ensure you are smart with your valuables whether you are traveling to one of the ten worst cities for pickpocketing or not is to rock a money belt without shame. You’ll thank us later.

Wi-Fi finder – Save yourself from racking up data overcharges by downloading Wi-Fi Finder app to locate the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. Leaving the country? We suggest putting your phone on airplane mode to ensure you aren’t “roaming” or getting incoming text messages or emails that may charge international data usage.

$25 well spent – “I wasn’t upset over the airline losing my luggage”… said no one ever. Your important belongings have sentimental meaning as well as material value. A good travel insurance plan like AirCare will pay you for stolen luggage, flight delays, among other air travel mishaps.

Credit card to the rescue – If you travel enough, you know that something is bound to go wrong. Many tend to forget most credit card providers offer travel insurance. Did you know Discover card helps with your baggage when it’s delayed more than three hours? See what perks you might have in your wallet!

Grad-snacksCheck yourself, before you wreck yourself – No one likes to pay over $10 for a bag of chips and a tall Diet Coke from the hotel minibar. According to Today Money, it is common for there to be a 300% to 400% markup at hotel minibars. Opt for a short walk to a nearby convenience store instead of throwing money away for the sake of laziness or late-night munchies.

H2O galore – Doctors say about 75% of Americans are regularly dehydrated. Keep hydrated throughout the day and especially in dry destinations as you tour new grounds with your steel Kanteen or Nalgene water bottle. You’ll save a…. er…. Boatload! P.S. Not all hotels provide free water in your room. Before you twist the cap, check the price.